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"How To Quickly DOUBLE, Triple even Quadruple Your Real Estate Profits This Year Buying Defaulted and Distressed Mortgages in Today’s Foreclosure Market At A Substantial Discount"

Dear Friend,

My name is Terry Bontemps. And if you would like to discover an easy, fast way to at least DOUBLE, Triple or Quadruple your real estate profits this year, even while we’re experiencing a mortgage meltdown... I can show you EXACTLY how to do it!

This is something I do extremely well… and I have been doing it for the last eight years now. I started out with horrible results, probably just like you. Then, I discovered how to double my profits in six months.

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This took about thirty days, maybe a little more once I put the right elements in place. The result:

My profits shot up. I went from earning less than $10,000 dollars a month to earning over $100,000 dollars in a matter of days, thirty-nine to be exact. Then I did it again, I made $100,000 dollars in ninety days and just recently I did it again in twenty-eight days simply buying Nonperforming Loans from banks that homeowners are not making their payments on.

I've also helped a couple of my top students to do the same thing, with their real estate investing businesses. Scott Sanders and Holly Behen -- both relatively new investors with little or no experience DOUBLED, TRIPLED even QUADRIPULED their profits in their bank accounts within months of following my simple advice.

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Holly increased her net worth $1.5 million dollars in 10 months simply by following my directions. She developed a relationship with a bank that sends her deals daily by fax. Go to my website and listen to conference call #1 and you’ll hear exactly how she did it!

Another one of my students, Troy in New Jersey just received 65 Nonperforming loans that he can buy in New York and New Jersey for .50 cents on the dollar for 1st mortgages and .35 cents on the dollar for 2nd mortgages.

Here's what I do: I buy distressed mortgages in foreclosure from banks at a discount. I then have seven ways I get paid from the homeowner because I'm their bank and I own their mortgage.

The owner can refinance their home, sell their home, work-out a payment modification plan with me, deed me the house in-lieu of foreclosure, or accept a short sale. I can pay them cash for their equity or I can foreclose which is the last option I have and least one I like to use.

I also quickly uncover the mistakes you're now making that -- like most struggling real estate investors -- are interfering with the success of their business. Just removing these roadblocks will increase your profits another 50%, overnight.

Even more important... I can show you how to increase the "response rate" of your marketing message to the point that -- overnight -- you can see double, triple and even quadruple the results and profits you make.

I've put all this information into a simple on-line course entitled, "Foreclosure Teleseminar Secrets” that you can check out right now, if you like. I’m willing to give you one of the seven training modules for FREE. It includes personal mentoring and coaching from me.

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Terry Bontemps

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Result: More profit than you ever dreamed possible even on properties that are upside down!

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